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Agita Mundo, the Global Physical Activity Promotion Network

Rio de Janeiro Walking Parade

Agita Mundo Network Meeting in Rio de Janeiro at ICPAPH

At the Agita Mundo technical network meeting on Tuesday, 08.04.14, Vicki Lambert was announced as the newly elected chairwoman of Agita Mundo. Past chairman Brian Martin was elected for another three year term as member of the Executive Board, as was Jasem Ramadan. Eddy Engelsman was  thanked for his services as a member of the Executive Board and became member of the Advisory Board.

On the same afternoon there was a Agita Mundo Walking Parade with more than 300 participants of the 5th International Congress for Physical Activity and Public Health ICPAPH in Rio de Janeiro.

The Agita Mundo symposium took place at Wednesday, 09.04.14,during lunch time. Presentations were made by Tracy Kolbe-Alexander, Adrian Bauman, Fiona Bull and Victor. Finally the first winners of the Agita Mundo Award were presented by Victor Matsudo and Pedro Hallal:

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Purpose of Agita Mundo

The purpose of Agita Mundo, the Global Physical Activity Promotion Network, is to promote physical activity as a healthy behaviour for people of all ages, nations, and characteristics.
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Winners of the Agita Mundo Award 2014

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