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Agita Mundo, the Global Physical Activity Promotion Network

About Agita Mundo

Agita Mundo

Agita Mundo was founded in São Paulo in October 2002 and is the Global Physical Activity Promotion Network.
The World Day for Physical Activity and the other activities of the Network are described in the Work Programmes and Activity Reports of the annual Network Meetings.


The members of Agita Mundo are the Regional Physical Activity Promotion Networks as well as organisations and institutions willing to contribute to the purpose and objectives of Agita Mundo.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is the principal executive body and responsible for providing guidance and strategic directions to the activities of the Network.

Advisory Board

Agita Mundo's Advisory Board consists of distinguished individuals in the field of physical activity and health and serves as a sounding board to the Network and its Executive Board.

Technical Support

Technical Support to Agita Mundo is provided by  its members institutions and by individuals.
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Purpose of Agita Mundo

The purpose of Agita Mundo, the Global Physical Activity Promotion Network, is to promote physical activity as a healthy behaviour for people of all ages, nations, and characteristics.
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