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Physical Activity Expert Meeting,
Magglingen, Switzerland; 13.-15.06.2004

First annual Meeting of HEPA Europe,
Gerlev Sports Academy, 26.-27.05.2005

WHO member state consultation meeting on physical activity,
Ljubljana, 09./10.05.2006

Second annual Meeting of HEPA Europe,
UKK Institute, Tampere, 14.-16.06.2006

Third annual Meeting of HEPA Europe,
University of Graz, 16.-18.05.2007

Fourth annual meeting and first conference of HEPA Europe
Glasgow, United Kingdom, 8.-10.09.2008

Fifth annual meeting of HEPA Europe,
Emilia Romagna Region Health Service, Bologna,
11-12 November 2009

Ninth annual meeting and fourth conference of HEPA Europe,
Helsinki, Finland
23-24 October 2013